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Bible Study Notebook Collection

This Bible Study Collection is designed for women to delight themselves in the word of God - one book of the Bible at a time.


Each notebook provides you with a duo page layout for creative freedom to take notes and study as the way the Holy Spirit leads. 

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Purchase by clicking on the Bible Study

Notebook you would like to start with! 

I'm excited to announce this Bible Study Notebook Collection because it is created to anchor women in God's word.


Every page is beautifully designed with multiple sections for versatility in your studies. 


My prayer is for this collection to be a meeting place for you and the Holy spirit to commune together.

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Study? Click on a notebook to purchase. 

Don't limit the use of these study notebooks to personal use only. This collection is great for . . .

- Church studies

- Swag Bags 

- Small group Bible study

- Women's groups, annual conferences, and retreats

- Birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and any other special occasions!

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