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Hello & Welcome


the creative mind behind Isn't Life More. I live in South Florida with my husband and 3 daughters. I am an encourager by design and I love helping others succeed. 


I am passionate about . . . 

  • seeing families thrive 

  • marriages restored

  • prioritizing self-care and 

  • seeing businesses visions come to fruition

I'm Mae Blooms,

"Praying for your business is essential, but your prayers must be accompanied by faith, discipline, organization and professional development. Don't despise the preparation process!" - Mae Blooms

As a wife, I know what it means to press in during a difficult season of marriage. 

As a mother, I know how it feels to pray for your children through the things you have no control over. 

As a daughter of God, I know the faith it takes to trust God with the situations that keep you up at night.

As an entrepreneur, God has taught me strategies to press through feelings of mommy guilt and uncertainty while building the vision from the ground up. 

As a visionary and Certified Business Manager, my mission is to encourage you, train you, and motivate you in every aspect of your life while producing the visions God has placed in your heart. 


Getting Started

If you are in the start-up stages of your business, ministry, or blog. I assist you with the details you need to get up and running. Whether you need branding, graphic design, or a website, I can help you get started! 

Logistics and Strategy 

Maybe you need a helping hand getting ready for the next chapter in your business. This could be a new website, an updated logo, or a social media overhaul. I design, organize, and help you get to the next chapter with ease. 

Build a better foundation

Somethings it is necessary to re-level the whole foundation of the business. I assess what is the best course of action for my clients, map out a plan, and get started working with you to prune, purge, and remove things that may be hindering your progress.


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