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4 Things Every Woman Should Do Before She Ties the Knot

Seek God

Now, you’d think seeking God would be standard, especially for Christians, but not necessarily. Have you ever heard that saying, Love is blind? Well. Many times, even Christian women get very caught up into being in love and getting married that they miss the importance of this step. When I say seek God, I am referring to an earnest, fervent seeking, so that you know that this is the person God has predestined you to grow old together and to do God’s work alongside one another.

This first step is not to be taken lightly or rushed over. It is the foundation on which you will build your marriage and family upon, so be sure you are building on solid ground and not sinking sand.

Deal with Your Issues

There is no time like the present, right? This might seem like a no brainer too, but I assure you many women (and men) don’t do this. It is ones hope that they come into the marriage with no extra baggage, but let’s be honest - we are human and we all have at least 1 suitcase of extra baggage. None of us are perfected yet, so going into a marriage you can anticipate that there will be work to do as you become one and personal growth in both parties that will take place over time.

We’ve all got issues, secret sins, past hurts, debt and scares that have formed the way we think and deal, so being very honest with yourself is important. Present your extra baggage in prayer and seek healing form the Father because he is faithful to help, heal and renew you in every way.

Pay Off Your Debts

Yep, let’s address the elephant in the room- debt! Money is usually a big stressor in marriage and can weigh heavily on even the best of marriages. If the debts you have are too high for you to pay off before you get marriage, then be sure you and your fiancé sit and share credit reports (seriously) because you need to know too.

Becoming one flesh is a lot of work by itself, you definitely don’t need surprise debts popping up every other year. I believe if you start off being truthful then you both can plan together and decide what’s best. Not only debts, but if you have co-signed on things for your family or are on certain policies, please be sure to share that info with your fiancé to

Study Biblical Submission

Let’s be honest, ladies - every woman born since the garden incident has struggled a bit in this area. It wasn’t our choice, but it was handed down to us, so we must prepare according for marriage. You want to be your fiancés – good thing not a dripping faucet (Proverbs 27:15).

Here are a few books I recommend, These are great books to read and prayer through.

I pray these insightful tips will bless you and your fiancé as you journey down the aisle.