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7 Things Newly Weds Should Keep In Mind

Marriage is complex and at the same time awe-inspiring; it is one of the biggest life-changing decisions a couple will ever make!

I was asked a while back, what my advice would I have for a couple beginning their marriage journey; so here are 7 things I believe newlyweds should keep in mind as they journey together on this adventure called marriage!

#1. Read, study, and communicate openly about the book Love & Respect

This is such an awesome book to read and a fantastic resource I suggest every married couple have readily available on their bookshelf. Love and respect are some of the key ingredients in a fruitful married (in my opinion) because everything else flows from these two traits.

#2. Take delight in serving your spouse

I believe amazing marriages are made of 2 people who hold serving one another in high esteem. Serving your spouse shouldn’t be viewed as an obligation but as an opportunity to put your love in action.

#3. What happens in your marriage, stays in your marriage

All too often couples get married and then allow others to come into their marriage and cause havoc. Now that you are married you need to protect your union by keeping family and friends out of your business. Sure, there will be times when you may need to confide in someone for advice, but please use wisdom and pray first.

#4. Never neglect your spouse for ministry work

This is something that Christian couples often overlook. It is imperative to serve God's people, but keep in mind that everything God does is in order. Neglecting your spouse to go and serve at the church or in your community is not how God wants things done. Always be mindful that charity starts at home (which is your first ministry) and then spreads abroad.

#5. Becoming one is a process

“… and the two shall become one flesh. Genesis 2:24. The key word in this scripture is become, it doesn't simply happen overnight, so be patient with each other. It's going to take sacrifice and surrender all of which do not come naturally to any of us. Men and women are as different as day and night, so becoming one flesh takes time.

Always be mindful that charity starts at home (which is your first ministry) and then spreads abroad.

#6. Never stop dating

I know this is a popular one, but it must be said. Wives don’t let those butterflies dwindle. Remember how you use to prepare for date night? Picking out the perfect outfit, wearing your best perfume, and making sure you added a bit extra just for him! Don’t ever stop that. Husbands remember how you just couldn’t wait to see her next, remember how you made sure each rose was flawless, remember how you got a fresh cut and cleaned up all nice and dapper just for her! Don’t stop doing those things!

#7. Keep your wedding vows

Whether you made your own or you said the traditional vows. Be true to them in every way! Today, divorce seems like the go-to solution for a rough season in marriage, but if you determine ahead of time and resolve in your mind and heart that no matter what comes - you will keep your vows, divorce will never be an option in the future for your marriage.

Let me say this - marriage is HARD work and needs daily care, but keep in mind the grass is always greener where you water it! Marriage will stretch you in ways you never imagined and will lead you down paths you never thought you’d travel, but through it all, it's a beautiful thing to learn, love, and grow together.

Congratulations and God's blessing to all the newlywed couples, I wish you a lifetime of love, laughter, peace, growth, and joy!