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Life Reflections in Celebration of my 35th Birthday

It’s my 35th birthday ya’ll!

I am overcome with gladness today!

God has been so good to me, even in the storms of life God has been faithful to lift my head above the waves. This birthday I am finding myself thanking God for keeping me. As I reflect on the last 34 years of my life there are many moments that I wish I could do differently, many things I wish I could unsay, but the truth is that - what is done is done and I can only make the best of the now and each day ahead. As I look back, I only see one set of footprints because my Heavenly Father has not only kept me, but He has carried me through. I’m so grateful for being loved and kept by Him. Since I am reflecting and celebrating, I thought it would be a great time for me to share some of these reflections with you guys. I hope in some small way that my reflections will bless you too.

For My Good

Romans 8:28 was my favorite scripture in the Bible when I first got saved. Of course, I did not fully know what it meant at the time, but I loved it anyway. Fast forward a decade later and that scripture is so much more precious to me now that I have lived through some stuff. Many times, I did not feel like “all things” were working together for my good, especially in the seasons of shaking, beating and pressing. But after every storm, I became a little stronger, a little wiser, a little better each time. So, looking back, it all has worked together for my good.

Amazing Grace

I am learning that the same grace and mercy I so desperately need each day, must be extended to everyone I encounter.

Every loss was a win!

Yep, you heard me, every loss I experienced was a win in disguise. In the moment it never seemed like a win, but as time passes, I see that it was all a testing of my faith and building my character. How does that saying go – “if it isn’t tested, then it can’t be trusted.” I believe that saying to be true. Ford Motors just doesn’t send vehicles out on the road without first testing them to see if they will work as designed. And it’s the same way with us as the body of Christ, we must be tested too. I am learning not to despise the testing and refining process because the trying of our faith produces patience and as we allow patience to have its perfect work in us then we will be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

I’m Loved

One of the most powerful things I am learning is to value myself. Unfortunately, I spent way too many years living under the labels that life’s circumstances placed on me and those labels blurred my vision of who God says I am. I am the apple of God’s eye. I am enough. I am loved. I am worthy and so are you! This revelation changed everything for me and in the moments when I forget, God reminds me of my identity in Him.

Mountains, Storms & Deserts

I am learning that many times God will not move the mountains or stop the storms. And yes, God will give you way more than you ever imagined you could bare. Why? Because the mountains, the storms, the desert places are the places where we can see our need for God the most. I am finding that it is in those places where we acknowledge how broken we truly are and come seeking the only one who can put us back together again.

Crazy Faith

Most of the time walking by faith will make us feel all kinds of crazy, and that is because we have to trust that what God said will come to pass in our lives. When I start to question if God said what I heard; I think about Jesus, Moses, Daniel, Mary, Paul and many others in the Bible who believed God. I am learning to hold tight to the promises God has given me even when they linger.

Only Christ Fills

For years, I looked for people and things to fill the empty spaces in my soul. It is hard to admit but it is true. Houses, cars, degrees, prestige, marriage, children, social status, etc. will not and cannot fulfill. Only God can fulfill our longing souls, and I am finding that we all must reach this conclusion. It may be at different times in our lives, but the conclusion is always the same.

With that said, I thank God for the abundant life He sacrificed His only Son for me to have. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I appreciate them beyond what I can express in words. Okay, now I am off to go and enjoy this beautiful day!