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The Social Media Management Dilemma for Christian Creatives

A group of bloggers were asked a question - “If you could delegate anything related to your blog, what would it be? Newbie bloggers and veterans alike voted to delegate social media. Not a surprise, I am glad I'm in good company because social media can feel like a thorn in the flesh!

But, what’s a girl to do? Honestly, we can’t just get rid of social media because it has become a pivotal avenue for businesses and bloggers. So, how can we make it bearable? Better yet, is it possible to enjoy managing social media? As I sat and pondered this, God placed a few tips on my heart to encourage me and I'm delighted to share them with you.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Nothing in life including social media works the exact same way for everyone, so allow God to teach you a strategic plan just for you and watch it flourish with way less stress involved!

Chart Your Course

Yes, there are ground rules to each social media platform, but you do have the freedom to express yourself how you want to. Analytics isn't everything! Free yourself from feeling like you have to do what the next blogger/entrepreneur is doing. We are all different, so just be authentically you because you are enough, and people prefer real over perfection anyway!

Give Yourself Grace

Life is busy, so the quicker we learn to extend grace to ourselves the easier it will be for us to do what God has called us to do. No one learns everything about Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter overnight.

Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

Enjoy the journey and learn along the way because you don’t know how God will use the seemingly tedious task of managing social media in the future. Staring where you are, allows your tribe to grow with you - how awesome is that!

Scheduling social media out for at least a month at a time is tremendously helpful; this way you can focus on interacting with your audiences and tending to the core of your business/blog

Learn New Things

Don't shy away from learning new things because learning new things is a part of your growth process as a blogger and entrepreneur. In your “free” time (I use that term loosely), take training(s) to refine your skills and then implement what you have learned bit by bit.

Have Fun With It

When you have fun, and share the things you are passionate about, that is what attracts your readers and future clientele. Your smile, personality, and voice are contagious. As long as you are posting what God has instructed you to do then you are right on track.

Find a Social Media Bestie

You'd be surprised how many people are looking for someone they can team up with to conquer this mountain called social media. The load is much easier to carry when you have someone to share with! Pray that God will send you a bestie to share, like, and support you in this area.

Now, I am well aware these nuggets of encouragement don’t take the tasks of managing social media off your plate, but God truly cares about everything that concerns His daughters including how we manage our social media.

Scheduling is Terrific

Last but not least, I have found that scheduling social media out for at least a month at a time is tremendously helpful; this way you can focus on interacting with your audiences and tending to the core of your business/blog.

Once, you find a scheduling rhythm and are bringing in your desired income; that’s when I recommend hiring someone to manage your social media. God never intended for you to do it all alone, so delegate what you can to lighten your load, when the time is right.

Do you feel managing social media is exhausting? Share your experience in the comments.