Have you ever thought about blogging? I can tell you from first-hand experience that blogging is such a rewarding experience and it's a lot of work.


For several years I stumbled around (literally) learning information here and there to get my blog started. There were many days I wished there was someone who could help me get started for a reasonable price.


If you are a busy mom and wife like me then you know time is precious and limited. This is why I have created the - 'So You Think You Wanna Blog' Mentorship. In this program, I will teach you the necessary tools to get your blog up and running in 10 weeks!

So You Think You Wanna Blog? Intensive Mentorship

Mentorship Options
    • Weekly Training Calls
    • Platform Choosing
    • Branding Basics
    • Post Planning 
    • Management Strategies
    • Start-Up Marketing Tips
    • Networking Ideas
    • Soft- Launch Planning & more!
  • Due to the nature of the services, no refunds, credits or extensions will be issued. Please be sure you have read thoroughly through the details of this service and your contract. 


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