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Rekindle Your Fire for Prayer is a journal for wives who are looking to reignite the fire of praying for their husbands. Regular maintenance of the marital prayer room is essential to a thriving marriage. You'd be surprised how many wives after being married for 10, 20 or even 30 years have lost their fervor for praying for their husbands. This journal is designed to rekindle the blazing fire in your prayer life. Each day presents a new topic, key scripture, and prayer, so you can truly be your husband's good thing all the days of his life.



This E-book on marriage is so powerful and leaves me wanting MORE. The truths Mae speaks are applicable no matter where you are at in your marriage. The prayers are anointed and filled with wisdom on how to pray effectively for your husband. I absolutely LOVE the section where we are asked to make our "Nevertheless Declarations" and I was touched deeply by the section about praying over our childhood traumas. It's only a 7-day book, but it is power-packed! I hope she expands it and turns it into a bible study because a lot of marriages could see breakthrough by taking to heart all that she is saying! If you want to engage your faith and believe God for your marriage, this is an excellent resource to do just that!

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